This is going to be about beautiful and inspiring snapshots, quotes, links, music, etc., carefully selected of random subjects.

Maybe u wonder why Candid Jellyfish? Well, firstly, somehow in a vain way, because it contents my initials… Secondly because candid means innocent, like many things in life seem to be. And jellyfish look extremely beautiful and candid, but again, as many things in life, they hide a dark side. And last but not least, because I’m a marketeer, and I thought that sounds like a kind of a brand, but at the same time I expect that in the future, somehow, it will reflect the content of this blog, (and sounds good huh?).

Nothing’s black, nothing’s white… be carefully amazed by beauty… (01/26/2012 – JC dixit)



I pulled most pictures from the net and I do not have the original meta data. If you know the original photographer, source, or story behind any photo, please email me, I can give credit where credit’s due. My apologizes in advance, this is just a personal blog with no economical interest behind and I’ll be more than pleased to retire any copyrighted material.


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