beauty of putting back and rise…

LARRY KING: Your song, “My Father’s Eyes” links your son Conor’s death to the mystery surrounding the life of your father. In it you describe the parallel between looking into the eyes of your son, and seeing the eyes of your father. Tough to write?

ERIC CLAPTON: Yes. Yes. But necessary.

K: How did you get the idea?

C: And necessary. But, you know, it was a reflection really on — I mean, after Conor died, I took myself out of circulation for about a year, until I did that movie for Lili. I was really in Antigua. I stayed in Antigua on my own with a guitar. And the guitar never left my hands.

And I found I was reflecting a lot on the fact that the closest thing I had ever had to a direct relationship with a male member of my bloodline was with my son. And the way, that had probably sort of reflected some of what it would have been like to have a relationship with my father.

So I need to..

We have long way to improve and learn from tough times, even the hardest, well above easy good times…


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