fashionspiring #7

Have a quick look arround…newspapers, TV, social media. Even on the streets, tons of riots and strikes face world’s social balance. And so…is it important to be good looking in this environment?

Let me tell you something…

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”
Anne Frank

What I mean is that we don’t have to give up our pursue for beauty all over. In fashion, engineering, architecture, gardening, interior design…in the end everything is focused on turning this world harmonious… and then make us a bit happier.


2 thoughts on “fashionspiring #7

    • thks so much, No idea on who or what they dress in most of my pictures, they’re posted with the aim to inspire whoever 🙂 Nice blog by the way, you’re more than welcome to visit me, I’ll be glad!

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